Monday, March 29, 2010

Unique Western - Chinese Style Western Food

This may look like a typical western Chicken Chop, but it is actually cooked Chinese Style.

The secret lies in the sauce. The Dark Brown Gravy.

In a typical Chinese Style Hawker Stall, speed is crucial due to the high turnover rate. This whole meal is prepared in a speed approximately twice or three times as fast as the time required for an actual Western Style Chicken Chop.

Meat, Chicken, Beef, Mutton or whatever meat, (lightly marinated) is deep fried. Sauce is usually dark brown, which is a mixture of garlic and all those chinese style seasoning which can be unique in each different Hawker Stall / Center. Which is very very delicious. You guys should try it when you visit countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, etc.

Price, is also usually twice or thrice as cheap.

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